• Scope: Finance, information systems, corporate strategy
  • Location: Rolle, Switzerland & Paris, France
  • Languages spoken: English, Greek
  • DOB: December 1969

Who is George Leondis?
In the role of Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, George leads activities on all financial and information systems activities for Nissan in Europe. From financial control & compliance, tax, treasury, and product economics to delivering more seamless end-to-end technology solutions that provide speed, accuracy, efficiency and compliance. George works across various functions within Nissan to do so.

George is also responsible for the Partnerships finance team which involves coordinating with Nissan's industrial partners and negotiating agreements regarding parts sourcing, vehicle cross-badge manufacturing and industrial projects. Corporate strategy and planning for Europe also fall within George's remit which involves developing Nissan's midterm plan and supporting the delivery of the projects that underpin it.

Career History
A Chartered Accountant by training and having worked with PwC for the first ten years of his career including 3 years in London UK. George joined Nissan in 2004 as Head of Finance for Nissan Australia. After launching and running a sales finance company for the market, George moved to Japan to take on the global role of General Manager Corporate Finance and Investments. George was then appointed VP Finance for Infiniti business unit, where he created a financial organisation for the brand. Following this, George moved to Shanghai China where he took on the role of President Dongfeng Nissan Auto Finance for a couple of years, before moving to Europe in his current role.

George is proud of the work he did in leading the launch of a start-up sales finance company for Nissan in Australia and describes it as the first time he took a leap of faith in his career. He also feels a sense of achievement in the key role he played in negotiations for several collaborative corporate investment projects as part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

Personal Memory
Describing his time in global roles with Nissan in Japan as an experience that propelled his career and life/cultural experience, George turned what was supposed to be a two-year overseas assignment into nine years of ‘globe trotting’.

Why is Nissan different?
George believes the company’s ability to attract and develop high calibre talent sets the business apart. Over the years, Nissan has produced great leaders and subject matter experts, with some of them now at the helm of other big automotive brands. This talent also shines through in Nissan's cutting-edge and innovative technology and breakthroughs. From the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, to the Qashqai and the birth of the crossover segment, Nissan employees have made a significant impact on the car industry.

Future Predictions
As a driving enthusiast, George is optimistic when it comes to the longevity and future of the conventional car as we know it. Consumers enjoy the freedom, convenience and independence the driving experience gives them and when combined with the technology Nissan is offering, George believes vehicles are here to stay throughout the world.


  • Business and Accounting, RMIT University, Australia
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australia
  • Graduate Business School, Australia
  • Renault-Nissan Alliance Leadership Class, Japan

Your current car
The Nissan X-Trail is George's long-time vehicle of choice and he admires the model for its ruggedness and practicality. George also loves driving Nissan's iconic sportscar 370Z whenever the chance arises.

Your first car
George learned to drive in his sister's orange coloured Datsun 180B.

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